The Culture team have been avid social media professionals and partakers since its inception. We’ve spoken at conferences on the subject, been on panels, such as; SXSW, Blogging While Brown, and Blogalicious. blogged, posted, tweeted, and snap chatted both personally and for many brands.

A few highlights:

Culture created a social media campaign across several platforms for Curls Unleashed brand. Starting with strategy, and research,  and then making a relevant creative calendar. The content was implemented across their digital platform and social media.


*Aiya Screensaver Office Mockup with Items


Craig was a part of the two-person team running Burger King’s social media for a year.

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Created a Facebook game for the advertising industry to vote on their favorite Mad Men of all times.

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Created and award-winning advertising and marketing blog that received lots press and write-ups.


And he’s sick with Pinterest. Over 30K followers in his part time usage alone.

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Brooke Brimm is an early adopter and leader in the Social Media arena. She has blogged for her own brands at Jewelry Rockstar & Love’s Gumbo. In addition, she has blogged professionally for Soft & Precious and other health and beauty brands.


Helped develop the Creme of Nature ’09 Blogger Print ad, where very popular bloggers were chosen as brand reviewers and models for the Creme of Nature Brand. Culture A.D. was the first to do this in this space. Everyone does it now.


Brooke had the opportunity to speak at a popular Blog conference, Blogalicious, in 2014. There she educated listeners about personal exploration for the purpose of bringing their personal brands alive that talk was called, Dive Deep Inside to Bring Your Brand Alive!



Personally she’s active on Instagram with an account that gains an average of 25 followers per day with engagement between 8-12% daily.

Here’s a blast from the past. a 2009 blog post for the Soft n’ Precious brand.