Cremeof nature-Argan(culture)

Creme of Nature Argan Oil

Client: Colomer USA

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Package Design
Graphic design, Copywriting, Production

Case Study
Argan oil is an ancient and rare natural oil found in Morocco. The oil is from the nut of the Argan Spinosa tree and is only hand harvested by the Berber women of Morocco. The oil is gentle on hair and is considered very precious. It’s also considered a bit of a delicacy for it nutty taste and its health benefits. Argan oil does wonders for the health of hair and imparts amazing shine.

Colomer USA decided to make argan oil the prime ingredient in a new hair product. They approached Culture A.D. with just the vialĀ of oil & vat full of potential. we saw the rich promise and the deep history of the oil its self. Our first approach was to share the history of the Berber women and the eco-friendly process of harvesting the oil as well as the co-ops the women have created for themselves. Also how the women have transformed this lowly nut into an increasingly popular beauty product.

The client opted for a more modern approach that merely broaches the oils history and establishes Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil’s own new image. Our graphic research led us to borrow from the artistic traditions of the North African regions. We landed on the powerful and organic imagery of Henna tattooing. We eventually decided to create our own shorthand version of Henna art that represents sun, glow & shine.

Argan 8.5x11