Since 2001, Culture Advertising Design has been forging a new category we call Content Strategy Design. We parse the aesthetic and strategic aspects of digital, content and graphic design combined with the experience and insights of advertising to create relevant visual, tactical & vital marketing tools. Culture Advertising Design splits the difference between traditional Advertising, Social Media, Content, & Graphic Design. We’ve removed as many superfluous layers from our process as possible in order to make a more intimate creative process. We’ve also found this to create a speedier production cycle. Timing and speed of activation are priceless in today’s media environment. We provide services in the General and African American markets which include creative direction, art direction, brand development [visual + verbal], identity development, graphic design, package design, copywriting and advertising. Our agency is defined by the successful development and execution of concise creative products. We focus on developing strong ideas that will have a profound effect on an audience while ultimately having a positive effect on the bottom line.

Culture offers:


Content Strategy


Social Media

Creative Direction

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Package Design


Web Graphics





Craig Brimm

Creative Director, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Craig Brimm is Creative Director and founder of Culture Advertising Design in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past 15 years his work has included television, video, and radio advertising spots for Ford Motor Company, The Atlanta Football Classic, Levi,’s and Coca-Cola, print advertising for Wachovia, Kenya Tourist Board, Proctor and Gamble, Tylenol, out-of-home advertisements for Atlanta Metropolitan College and Bermuda Board of Tourism, and package design for SoftSheen Carson, Luster Products, and Colomer U.S.A. among others. Craig’s approach to design is moving brands ahead through relevant concepts and visuals. Craig says, “Today’s society is moving so fast and we receive messages so quickly and frequently, that it is essential for brands to evolve so they do not fall victim to circumstance.”Craig has worked at agencies such as Roy Advertising, JWT, Nomenudum, and MLT Creative. In 2001, Craig founded Culture Advertising Design and has been successful in leading an award-winning design team.

Craig is also the creator, curator & editor of the popular multicultural blog Kiss My Black Ads, a blog that highlights the selling of goods & services to diverse audiences for both marketers and creatives. Kiss My Black Ads has been featured in Step Inside Design Magazine, Ebony/ and has also contributed to and Ad Age many other accolades and online mentions. (Not to mention just a smattering of enough hate mail to feel really important 🙂

Brooke Brimm, M.S.

Agency Manager, Chief Operating Officer

Brooke Brimm is Agency Manager and a partner for Culture Advertising Design. She received her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and has completed coursework for an additional Master’s in Education Research. Brooke spent eight years in the field of Behavioral Science before joining Culture in 2005.Ms. Brimm has extensive project management and account liaison experience coupled with a unique understanding of clients and business communication issues. Brooke brings creativity, insights, and human behavior expertise. She acts as a primary brand and account coordinator.Brooke has been involved in the development and delivery of several campaigns for companies and organizations ranging from Colomer U.S.A. (Ethnic hair care industry) to the Kenya Tourist Board (Travel & Tourism industry).  She has produced television and radio advertisements for Georgia’s Anti-litter campaign and video for African Pride’s in-store promotional infomercial. Ms. Brimm supervises all production management for print advertisement photography shoots facilitated by Culture A.D. She has under-girded all of the agencies P.R. efforts and brand maintenance.Ms. Brimm is the editor of Love’s Gumbo, an online magazine that promotes long lasting love. She is also a Jewelry Designer and blogger at Jewelry Rockstar.Ms. Brimm was commissioned to act as a judge for American Corporate Identity 2009, which was published in Fall 2008.