Our special blend

Since 2001 Culture Advertising Design has been forging a new category we call Advertising Design. We parse the aesthetic and strategic aspects of graphic design combined with the experience and insights of advertising to create relevant visual, tactical & vital marketing tools. Culture Advertising Design splits the difference between traditional Advertising & Graphic Design. We’ve removed as many superfluous layers from our process as possible in order to make a more intimate creative process. We’ve also found this to create a speedier design cycle. We provide services in the General and African American markets which include creative direction, art direction, brand development [visual + verbal], identity development, graphic design, package design, copywriting and advertising. Our agency is defined by the successful development and execution of concise creative products. We focus on developing strong ideas that will have a profound effect on an audience while ultimately having a positive effect on the bottom line.






Culture offers:

Creative Direction

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Package Design


Web Graphics






It depends on the client, the project and the current market as to where we will base our start. It’s impossible to generalize or canonize the “process” without any loss of integrity and authenticity to a truly inventive process. It’s not a straight line approach ever. We inform our creative as much as possible by research and market evaluation. But the heart of the process becomes a more channeled and less manufactured course of events.

We sometimes sketch Ideas. I know how much the industry lauds sketching ideas first. I too have a very “old school” view of traditional job starts. I’m increasingly seeing neophytes skip this most hallowed of steps and going right to the “machine” for “answers.” Even though I’m against it, I’m beginning to see a new skill set emerge that is producing good ideas. But I am more inclined to write words and form visuals based in literary metaphor and truths of the product and market. I find that words offer a more concrete and simultaneously abstract foundation for developing imagery. For instance I could employ a word literally but define it visually more playfully or whimsically. So I personally enforce a more artistic approach to advertising creative. Although in our niche market we usually end up with art that speaks very generally to our given segment.

The finishing stage of our process is what I call the “Brightwork.” That’s taken from the automotive industry. In the old days of car manufacturing brightwork was the part of the process where they added the chrome to vehicles. For us it means to take the idea or the concept and make it visually relevant, modern and appealing. In niche marketing — by design the concepts or ideals are not universal. As they are created to be understood by and akin to a specialize audience. So the detail work allows us another opportunity to reinforce desirable tenets while creating relevant chronological visual themes.